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The two-story house was immaculate when I arrived for my twice a week, four hour shift. I was there as a care worker to assist the woman in her mid 70's in taking care of her husband who was in his mid 80's. My duties included helping him with showering, shaving and...

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A Senior 3-Way?

A woman in her 70's arrived at the senior care facility to visit her husband in the memory care unit where I work. He was progressing through the stages of dementia. When his wife exited the elevator on the third floor, he just happened to be holding the hands of a...

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Death Coach

      Consider the number of coaches that we may use. Of course, we have coaches for all sports but we can also have relationship coaches, career coaches, financial coaches, spiritual coaches, birth coaches and life coaches. But what about coaches for the one...

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A Bad Day?

I heard a loud thump from the right front side of my vehicle as it became difficult to steer. As I slowly applied the brake, I pulled to the side of the road and my Dodge Durango vibrated and slid to a stop. Assuming that I had a flat tire, I was surprised to see that...

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