Consider the number of coaches that we may use. Of course, we have coaches for all sports but we can also have relationship coaches, career coaches, financial coaches, spiritual coaches, birth coaches and life coaches. But what about coaches for the one experience common to all – Death? No, I haven’t directly experienced death, of course, but as a hospice volunteer for several years and also in my current role as a Death Doula, I have sat by the bedside of many who were experiencing and completing the death process.

Some coaches in athletics arrive at their positions because they once participated in the particular activity in a competitive manner while others may arrive by studying the sport and being close to it even though they may have never excelled at it.

If there’s truly “beauty in the inevitable”, as a Death Coach my task is not only to remind us of what often accompanies death (sickness and pain) but to also provide strategies to hopefully assist with confronting the inevitable. We WILL experience sickness, pain and death! As a Death Doula, I walk to the edge and peer into the darkness of the abyss daily and bring back knowledge of what I am witnessing.